Affidavit of No Convictions

Municipal Court Documents

April 2, 2020
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You have been placed on a type of probation for a citation that you received. You have been supplied a copy of your Court Order, which outlines all conditions to be met, as well as when your probationary period is to begin and end. Make sure that you are aware of what is expected of you during that time.

By law, one of the conditions of your probation includes the Affidavit of No Conviction and must be submitted to the Court at the end of your probation. This form is to serve as written documentation of you swearing to the Court that you have or have not been convicted of an offense during your probationary period. If you do not have a copy, download the fillable form, then add your name and cause #. Remember, you must initial whether you have/have not been convicted of an offense and sign this form in front of the Court Clerk or any Notary within the State of Texas. Do not sign it before. Your probation will not be satisfied until this form is submitted.

Please know that the Court must have the original signature on this form, not a copy or emailed copy. If you do not complete this step by your end date, you will be placed on the docket for a Show Cause hearing and you will be required to appear before the Court.


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