STAGE 2 WATER RESTRICTIONS!!! (click HERE for information)

Water Tower

City of Jarrell 2021 Consumer Confidence Report for Public Water System (CCR) is now available - Click Here to view the Report. 

For information on the Texas Landowner’s Bill of Rights, please Click Here .


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Council Meetings (times may vary, please see posted Agendas)

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On September 6, 2022, the City Council Approved a Tax Rate Of $0.419500 For the 2022-2023 Fiscal Year Budget. This Tax Rate Will Raise More Taxes for Maintenance and Operations Than Last Year's Tax Rate.  The Tax Rate Will Effectively Be Raised By 14.937% Percent and Will Raise Taxes for Maintenance Operations on A $100,000 Home by Approximately $16.22.

M/O Rate - $0.124831        I/S Rate 0.294669               Total Rate - $0.4195



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