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News & Events

Below you will find the most recent News and Events happening in our great City of Jarrell.

Attn: Double Creek Residents
Please click HERE regarding the
Wastewater System Project in your neighborhood.

The City of Jarrell is accepting applications for the following:

Economic Development Board

            The purpose of the Corporation is to conduct all matters for any and all lawful purposes for which a corporation may be organized under Section 4A of the Development Corporation Act of 1979.

Road Committee

The purpose of this committee is to research information relating to roads, roadways, streets, and throughways in the Jarrell city and surrounding area to address potential traffic problems and present to the City Council suggestions for solving potential traffic congestion or flow issues, including but not limited to, potential street realignment or new street or road construction. 

Submittal deadline for applications is September 14, 2016 by 2:00 p.m.
Please click here for an application.

For additional information, contact the City Secretary’s Office at (512) 746-4593 Ext. 26.

Please click HERE regarding a letter from the
Texas Department of State Health Services
on Zika Virus

Please Click HERE regarding a letter from
the Office of Jarrell Emergency Management

Please click HERE regading a letter from the
Office of the Mayor